Podcaster and Founder plus Host of Alien Strand Podcast since 2019. Extensive knowledge on Alien and UFO abductions and studies. Continues to educate people on alien abductions and scale of their situations. Also has witnessed numerous crafts in the sky through his years that deemes unexplainable to most people. But is on a quest to find the truth on behind and whats piloting these UAPs or UFOs.


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Donald Ledesma

Alien Strand Ufology Team

Terry Linch

Terry Linch expertise in the Oregon area in the United States. Has witnesses many crafts in the sky across the cascades. He studies them with precise geology in the area with paths ,times, and geo-locations in that region.All this started for him as a CE-3 Encounter in 2019 as he made eye to eye contact with a large GREY Alien. Now he studies these crafts dilligently gathering intel and reports to find out his quest for answers to the question."WE ARE NOT ALONE"


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