Extraterrestrials/ ALIENS

Alien 1980 


1940s Skinny Bob Alien


This Alien film is very contravrsal.Is it real? Or fake! Many skeptics leaning towards real film as it is passed around internet over and over. In film you see eyes blinking and movements very natural. You decide.

Peru Find of Alien head and hand

Allegedly the mummified remains were found by a local man digging in a secret tunnel in the southern desert area in Peru.Local Pysisicians examned Head ,hand and torso.and they established that were indeed  organic and composed of bone and skin.Those who got a chance to look at them claimed the artifacts look and feel ALIEN.

Recent find in Mexico


Not much information about this find. But very intersting. Did the Aztecs know something they kept hidden?s

Mexican Mayan Artifacts 


Military Coverup?

These photos have alot of questions.Where was this shot? Appearently deceased Alien of the Ufo crashed possibly or shot dpown.

Night Vision in IRAQ

Photos taken by some soidiers of a craft landing in Iraq at night 2019 late November. No other information on these photos or vieo.... (YET)

Interdimentional Beings

These images were caught at the right moment by people having a camera of phone at hand before the entities dissapeared. And were able to share their photos to the world. It is believed that these entities can travel within and up to the 6th dimention. Are we seeing Extraterrestrials or something else?

Ets Wondering Around/Agenda?

Extraterrestrials or GREYS  haved  been caught sll over the world, wondering about. What are they looking for? Possible Abduction of a human? Or just curious of its surroundings. Greys have been recorded to have an Agenda. And it is to abduct and remove eggs,sperm from humans to help the Greys make a Hybrid Species. In which many abductees have witnessed children that resemble themselfs and the Greys. Normal looking but with large eyes and approach them as if knowing that they are related by blood line. .