Photos/ 1989 Nashville,Tn

Alien 1980 


UFO Photographed/ 2017 (Coming Soon to Podcast)


Photographed over Corpus Christi 2017, By Jusin B. at 2am Hovering over his field in the outskirts of town.Second witness came forward non relations to Justin ,saw same object as driving by in the same area.

Falcon Lake,Manitoba

In May 1967, Stefan Michalak reported seeing two flying saucers near Falcon Lake. He claimed that one of the aircraft hovered only 45 metres away from him, landed and, as he approached, emitted a beam of light that knocked him to the ground as it lifted off. (Podcast Below) 

UFO in the 80s


Unknown Photographs sometime in the 80ss

Fatima Prtugal /Children

The 3 children witnesses in Fatima Portugal of the entities and or anomolies within a 3 year period of an entity speaking to them about future events in the year 1917 (Lucinda,Francisco,Juancinta)

Photo Image 1917

This was the only photograph taken of incident witnessed in front of 70k of people in Oct 13th 1917

70k Witnessed crowd

The Crowd of 70k as they witnessed as photo shown above.The children saw a different image than witnesses


USO From a Parascope


Navy Arctic UFO photos allegedly leaked by anonymous source.


Several impressive photos of alleged UFOs over the arctic captured on camera by the Navy in 1971 have been leaked to UFO researchers, and their discovery has been getting worldwide media attention.

UFO researcher Alex Mistretta claims that the images were originally given to him by an anonymous source in Europe. Later, he discovered that they were also published in a French paranormal magazine called Top Secret.

USO Captured behind Cruise ship

Baltic Sea annomoly

Misc UFOs from all over the world

Galveston,tx  2020

These photos were submitted to Alien Strand Feb 2020 by an unknown person. Who happend to see this object in the late afternoon and snapped a few photos.

ufo in chile

These photos were taken in the coutry of Chile.At the mining Sentinel Rajo Esperanza sector Southeast. 21:20 hours on 3/23/20 .


My colleague Toledo Daniel got off his motorcycle and managed to captue this spectacular photo! The good thing he had a good camera on his cell phone.Tried to hit record but disappeared fast.


This photo was analyzed by Anibal Quinones Caballero as you can the see the spectrum field on bottom photo.

The billy Meier collection

Billy Meier ,born Feb 3,1937 .Who cliamed to have been visited by Palerjan beings with began at in the year 1942 at the age of 5. By a mentor who was called Sfath until Sfaths death in 1953. In which a female named Asket took over to show him the Ufo crafts and took him places he had never seen before. These photos are from his collection in his book. 

Alien Strand Podcast #5

Hear the complete first story of Billy Meire and his first meetings with Sfath and Asket as his story unfolds in this podcast episode.