Bigfoot or Sasquach legend

The bigfoot or sasquach legend has always been an interest to many researchers. Hoping to someday capture a bigfoot as seen by many people throught the generations,and have always remained in hiding, for us only to capture a glimpse of this enourmous creature or semihuman looking beast. Known for their curious behaviors towards human beings in their close proximity,sometimes throwing stones or sticks at people to get their attention. With their erie howls at times to communicate with humans. Here are some photos and videos that match up with this enoumous creature seen by many.

peeping window encounter


Scott Yeoman video taped a sasquatch window peeker at his home in Colorado in 2017. The bottom of the window sill is 8' 3" off the ground. He took some still pictures of the video off of his computer monitor (pictured below).

Here's the back story of the photos Scott posted at Bigfoot Now.

Ok so here's the story with my photos.. So we (my wife and I) bought 11 acres of land in Bailey Colorado we built a foundation of cinder block that is 3'6" above the ground. The land is mostly hard pack dirt and large rock which I shared a video of when we bought it. After we moved a modular home there we lived off and on there for 2 years while we got it ready for perminant residency.

In August of 2017 we were finishing the interior of the back of the house and I came into the living room and caught a whiff of a VERY harsh odor in the the room. It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement. I caught glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye. We have had bears visit pretty regular but they tried to get under the house, not in it. But when I seen the figure by the window I thought a bear had some how climes up to the window.

I take alot of wildlife pictures because they literally come up to the outside of it like mule deer, Elk, Bear, haven't seen any mountain lion, and other small game. I have quite a few feral cars all over my property but they aren't mine. But they hang out a lot.

Anyway... I saw the top of the head and that caught my attention. It moved closer and I seen it eyes were freaking huge and it scared me because bear eyes aren't that large or far apart. I always have a camera handy to get a good shot of the elk that come extremely close to the house. When I realized it wasn't a bear. Fear struck me hardcore.

I used a cheap kodak sport digital camera for taking pics and for the most part it takes fast action pictures/ video. It was on the end table next to my recliner approximately 6 ft from the window. When I pointed it at the window it stopped swaying and closed it eyes as if it was child... "You can't see me if my eyes are closed". So shaking and trying to video at the same time I moved back a step and it slowly moved from one side of the window to the other. It was seriously about a 10 min video but it was on a 1" x 1 1/2" and card which had to be downloaded on my computer. It didn't make any attempt to enter the house or run away.

About 8 minutes in my wife came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I told her there's something outside and it ain't no bear. When she looked over my shoulder she screamed "what is that thing!" And ran back to the bedroom. I stopped the video, went to the closet and grabbed my 40 cal off the closet shelf. When I turned back around, it was moving away from the window. I wasn't going to shoot at it unless it tried to get in which it didn't do.

I went to my wife who was freaking out and tried to answer her bombardment of questions and after reassuring her that everything was ok. She called the sherriffs department and they sent 3 deputies to check out the property. Their conclusion was most like a bear or other wildlife. Until I showed them the playback. When they reviewed it two of the three were impressed and the third was like its a bear.

Anyway the rest of the night was uneventful and peaceful other than my panicking wife. She ended up having my daughter and her husband come get her and took her to Golden for a couple of days. I downloaded this video on my computer at my mothers house because she has internet access and I didn't. Long story short my mothers house burnt down on a fire we had out here last year.

We have seen it at a distance every now and then in the darkness by the fire light, not the body, but eye shine. And that's pretty creepy too. But haven't had any incidents of a destructive nature so I decided to just be cautious when I'm walking my property. I do carry my .40 cal always outside... Just in case. But haven't had to pull it from my holster.

I see signs where he's broke branches on trees that I can't reach on a 6' ladder. And occasionally he'll move things around. Most signs we see were always after we left and came back home. There's the story behind the photos.... I hope people can find something in here to benefit them if they are dealing with one too.

Additional: Scott wrote, " the video was downloaded from a 1x1 video card on to a computer which burned in the forest fire at my mom's house last year. These pics are taken from the video to show the best shots because I was shaking like hell."

caught by accident

This looked like just a background shadow until it quickly ran off.The photographer did not see it as she was busy making a 360 image.She saw the movement away as the end of the camera revolution and ran into the water behind her for an hour.Then grabbed her gear and ran the hell out of there.She did not want to share because of her job as an xray tech.but asked if i could. She said it had greyish arms and thinner legs ,but was thicker than her mass. shared by:

"Small Town Monsters Community"

Trail cam pic

This photo was captured by a trailcam in broad daylight. As you can see there is a shadow one behind and front.Thinking there might have been several creatures walking by as cam snapped this only photo.

Famous Patterson Bigfoot

The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of Orleans, California, in Del Norte County. The film site is roughly 38 miles south of Oregon and 18 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.[2] For decades, the exact location of the site was lost, primarily because of re-growth of foliage in the streambed after the flood of 1964. It was rediscovered in 2011. It is just south of a north-running segment of the creek informally known as "the bowling alley".

The filmmakers were Roger Patterson (February 14, 1933 – January 15, 1972) and Robert "'Bob" Gimlin (born October 18, 1931). Patterson died of cancer in 1972 and "maintained right to the end that the creature on the film was real".[6] Patterson's friend, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a hoax with Patterson. Gimlin mostly avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early 1970s until about 2005 (except for three appearances),[7] when he began giving interviews and appearing at Bigfoot conferences.

Information From: WikipediA


In the image on right you can see a face of other sasquach in the bush watching.

Sasquach- Save it for Later

Here is a few pictures of wild dead game tossed on high areas for later eating.Do you belive the Bigfoot do this to their kill?And if so why?

Unknown Creature

This creature was caught by someone in the afternoon.No information was sent with this photo. Could this be a real photo. As always you decide

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